Charlotte & Gaz In Series 3 Bust Up

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With the approach of Geordie Shore Season 3, the stories are starting to come out of the woodwork and the biggest one of all is the alleged bust up between Gary Beadle and Charlotte-Letitia Crosby.

In season 2 we saw Gary & Char rekindled their on-off relationship with a season-finale make up. Unfortunately it appears as if its more off as opposed to on now with Charlotte telling the Daily Star “I’m not talking to Gaz at the moment, we made up at the end of the last series, but there’s been another series and we’ve fallen out again.”

However it hasn’t all been doom & gloom for Charlotte despite being banned for drink driving at the beginning of the year. She told the Daily Star “I had an amazing time; After series one I didn’t think anything else could be crazier than that. Then there was series two and I didn’t think anything more could happen. Then we went to Cancun and even wilder things happened!”.

I don’t know about you, but judging by these revelations and the fact that the villa in Cancun looks amazing, I am definitely looking forward to series three when it airs on June 12th 2012.

1 Comment to “Charlotte & Gaz In Series 3 Bust Up”

  • Personally, I think charlotte deserves so much better than Gaz. Don’t get me wrong, he can be the most loveliest person ever at times, but the fact that he even says to the camera, ‘I can have charlotte whenever I want’, is absolutely bang out. Charlotte, on the first episode of Cancoon, totes proved him wrong when she pushed him away in the bedroom! I think Charlotte should stick to her guns, she deserves better than him!

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Charlotte & Gaz In Series 3 Bust Up